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About Us

Morning Glory Cafe

Morning Glory Cafe was established in 1985 by Maria Ruiz. A local icon, Maria was known for her healing food, wisdom and humor. The ripples of her Love still spread throughout the Universe and her Legacy of Conscious Cooking continues here today. We are honored to be in her kitchen, the crack in the Universe, Morning Glory Cafe. Peace, Love and Ten Thousand times Ten Thousand Blessings.

​​Juls W.

Business Owner

I had the honor of working for Maria at Morning Glory Cafe for over fifteen years. I inherited Morning Glory from her family when she leapt into the infinite unknown in September of 2009. I am now honored to be Morning Glory’s caretaker. Please come share your memories of Maria and the Cafe with us!

Zero Waste

Morning Glory Cafe strives to be a zero waste industry. We compost all of our food scraps and use the compost to grow fresh veggies for the cafe, closing the loop of sustainablitity. We are proud to support local farmers who bless us with many of the ingredients we use everyday. We also conserve water by using grey water to maintain our landscaping and indoor plants. Thank you for supporting sustainable,local, Love for YOU!